Welcome to Hatha Yoga in Moray!

My name is Teresa. I am offering classes and workshops in Forres. 

Online and in-studio lessons.

What my students say about the classes ;

“In my opinion, Teresa’s classes are one of the best things about living in Moray. There is a lovely rhythm to her classes and a pleasing balance between active and restorative postures. At the end of Teresa’s class, you feel both worked and rested.”

“I have been attending Teresa’s classes for many years now and can only say that she is the best! I now understand the postures and the value they bring to me. Teresa has taught me to listen to what my body is saying & adapt the poses, which means I have been injury-free for almost five years now. I love that Teresa is so knowledgeable, and I never cease to learn from her.”

“Teresa is an evident and professional teacher who loves what she does. What a gift!”

“Teresa is committed to her development as a teacher and to the development of her students. I value this greatly as she regularly brings new insights to the classes from her studies. We are very fortunate to have her skill and dedication in this part of Scotland.”

“My yoga practice has developed in quite unimaginable ways due to working with Teresa for several years. Her teaching style continues to develop, inform and balance with humour, compassion and care for all her student’s needs, at whatever level.”

“Teresa’s classes are pure medicine! She shares her passion for Yoga with integrity, presence and a solid knowledge of the human body. I am very grateful that I found such a competent and inspiring teacher!”

“Teresa seamlessly transitioned her classes into zoom sessions during the lockdown. She has a wonderful way of describing the postures so that you can follow the courses without too much attention to the visual feed. Teresa is hugely knowledgeable and committed to her practice development but makes yoga accessible to anyone regardless of ability. Hence, you never feel it’s not for you or that you are not good enough. I couldnt recommend Teresa enough.”

“As Teresa continues to offer online zoom classes and her live classes, it is an exclusive bonus for me as I can continue expert yoga classes year-round. This ensures that I make the moves properly and continue my yoga journey. Thank you, Teresa.”

“Teresa produces a peaceful atmosphere within minutes of the class start. She is mindful of everyone’s differing abilities and gives individual attention. I leave the class feeling refreshed, relaxed, flexible and much younger!”

“Teresa is a “world-class” teacher, and her classes combine work and play.”

“Every session is a voyage of discovery.”

“In Teresa, Forres has a wonderful Hatha Yoga teacher. I have taken Yoga classes and taught for over forty years, and I appreciate her inner joyousness and Yoga knowledge.”

“I always find a class with Teresa stretches, releases and opens the places that are calling to be opened. Routine changes always seem just right. She explains the movements so well I rarely have to look at her.  I find her constantly watchful, experimenting, playful, and respectful of our individuality. Her enthusiasm for Yoga is unbounded. I always feel better after than I did before I started. She loves what she does. This is contagious.”

“Teresa has a great understanding of Hatha Yoga and is clear in her communication. Therefore, her instructions are easy to follow; she has a sensible/logical rationale for anything that might at first appear confusing/counter-intuitive, and she is patient in her explanation of this. Teresa keeps a careful eye on her classes – correcting people individually and ensuring everyone gets the best out of each session. I am very grateful to have such a skilled and compassionate teacher to learn from.”

“Teresa is a unique and brilliant yoga teacher. I have attended her classes several times a week for nearly five years. I have gained strength, stamina and a deeper understanding of how my body moves, making it possible to realign my skeleton off/on the mat and help to alleviate pain at the source. Her knowledge of Iyengar & Hatha Yoga gives Teresa’s classes a tone and energy that is truly her own; she encourages hard work and correct placement but always ensures her students work and listen to their bodies. Her delight in the postures brings playfulness and joy to her teaching; there is no embarrassment about trying and seeing in her classes; her experience holds the space safely for all her students. Her classes are entirely inclusive to all, regardless of yoga experience and fitness, the postures are explained clearly, and options are given. Teresa’s instruction is invaluable; I have taken so much from her teachings into other yoga classes and disciplines. Teresa’s wisdom has guided and inspired me on my yoga journey; she embodies the true spirit of Yoga, Unity of Mind and Body.”